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  • side hustle
    Everyone likes to have a little extra cash, so if you have some free time and a skill that can earn you money, you should consider starting a side business. Having a side business can greatly assist in affording and maintaining a modern lifestyle in today's environment of growing inflation and stagnating wages. Before beginning side work, some questions currently linger in people's minds. What...
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  • freelance jobs from home
    Freelance work from home may be the best route to self-employment for you if you're willing to make money and work for yourself. You may establish your own hours and work on your own terms from the convenience of your home when you operate as a freelancer on a contract basis for businesses and organisations. The growth of the internet has created a vast array of chances for home-based freelance...
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  • ideas for youtube channel
    Vlogging: Share your daily life and adventures, and provide your unique perspective on various topics.How-to videos: Create videos that teach viewers how to do something, such as cooking, DIY projects, or makeup tutorials.Gaming: Stream and comment on video games, share tips and tricks, and engage with the gaming community.Travel: Share your travel experiences, offer tips on travelling, and...
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  • life skills
      Communication: The ability to effectively communicate with others, including active listening, public speaking, and writing.Time management: The ability to manage time effectively, prioritise tasks, and meet deadlines.Problem-solving: The ability to analyse a problem, identify potential solutions, and make decisions.Critical thinking: The ability to evaluate information, think...
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  • resume writing
    Start with a strong summary or objective statement: Your summary should be a brief overview of your skills and experiences, while your objective should explain the type of position you're seeking. Tailor your resume to the job you're applying for: Use keywords from the job description and highlight relevant skills and experiences that match the job requirements. Use bullet points and...
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  • interview tips
    Research the company: It's essential to have a good understanding of the company you are interviewing with. Look at their website, read their mission statement, and check out their social media pages to get an idea of their culture. Practise common interview questions: Prepare responses to common interview questions like "Tell me about yourself," "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"...
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  • career guidance
    The life of a student is challenging. Every stage needs careful decision-making, from selecting the ideal professional path to landing their dream job. Thus, advice from professionals in the field can assist students in setting attainable career objectives and achieving them on schedule.Career counselling not only points a person in the direction of their goals and desires, but also offers...
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  • career advice
    Identify your strengths and interests: The first step in choosing a career is to figure out what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. Take some time to think about your strengths, skills, and passions. Research different careers: Once you have a better understanding of your strengths and interests, research different careers that align with them. Look for jobs that offer opportunities...
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  • Budgeting
    Budgeting for Beginners: Determine your monthly income: This includes your salary, wages, and any other sources of income. List your monthly expenses: This includes fixed expenses like rent, utilities, and car payments, as well as variable expenses like groceries and entertainment . Set financial goals: Determine what you want to achieve with your money, such as paying off debt, saving for a...
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  • Freelancing
     Freelancing refers to working independently on a project or task for a client, usually on a short-term basis. A freelancer is someone who offers their skills and expertise to clients, typically working remotely or from their own workspace. Freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growth of the internet and the rise of remote work. Many individuals choose to...
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