High income skills are specialised abilities or knowledge that are in high demand in the job market, and can command a high salary.Coding and software development: Skilled programmers are in high demand, and can earn top salaries.Digital marketing: As businesses increasingly move online, the need for skilled marketers who can use digital channels to reach and engage customers is growing.Data analysis: Companies are collecting and analysing more data than ever before, and those who can interpret and use that data to drive business decisions are highly valued.Sales: A successful salesperson can earn a significant income, particularly in industries with high-ticket items such as real estate and finance.Project management: Those who can successfully manage projects from start to finish, while keeping them on time and within budget, are highly sought after.Public speaking: Being able to articulate complex ideas and persuade others is a valuable skill in many industries, particularly in sales and marketing.    https://www.cheggindia.com/earn-online/high-income-skills-that-you-need-to-learn-today/