ZeniMax’s masterpiece, The Elder Scrolls Online, continues to expand the diverse land of Tamriel, proving to be one of the best fantasy MMORPGs in existence. Players can enjoy a picturesque life, and there is a lot of adventure and endless exploration that players need to use the help of ESO Gold to complete.

Skull and crossbones symbols seen on the map are world bosses. It’s notoriously difficult to beat alone unless players are over level 1000, but even then it’s a struggle. So players may wish to spend ESO Gold to get more powerful weapons to enhance their strength and fight with other players.

However, players must defeat all world bosses to clear an area, as well as some great gear and some ESO Gold that drop after players defeat them. On the gorgeous Ultramer Summerset, all of their world bosses are animals, though some are definitely harder than most.

Of all the world bosses, Caanerin is the toughest to deal with. Keelsplitter and Haeliata & Nagravia are bosses with special skills. At Welenkin Cove, Sea Sload B’Korgen is also a formidable foe. The last two are Queen Of The Reef and Graveld.

Finally, the golden rule of all boss fights: never let yourself be cornered. Then players need to prepare more ESO Gold at IGGM. They provide players with cheap prices and high-quality services with their rich experience.

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