I grew up on the RP server from WoW so the idea of wow tbc gold a city becoming an exciting place was nothing new to me. FFXIV is a completely new type of role-playing. It's just people who are having fun. That's the reason it's unique.

A few weeks ago I was in this sub , reading in the background and came across a few articles about limsa Afkers. I decided to stop by to look it up since once you're at level 61 the og cities start disappearing in the narrative.

So I decided to swing by and see if it was as popular as the blogs claimed it would be. Immediately my frames as well as jaw fell. Limsa is the sole place where my frames fall below 120. I forgot just how close Limsas Market was, so I often use it for my shopping. However, between runs, I spend time just relaxing listening to music and conversing about dumb shit today.

There are gamers who want to get away from limsa, but they hate having to wade through crowds of people for a trip to the markets but I believe it's worth it. Since switching, I've been right in the middle of things and ended up stopping to say "omg this song is myfavorite!"

I have actually left ESO for ffxiv. Wouldn't recommend ESO since it's so ugly. Every part of the game looks the same. also had gripes with buy TBC Classic Gold microtransactions thrown in your face. Also, the "make your own class" issue.