There is a wide range of products we use these days for advertising and marketing purposes. Companies these days are also looking for affordable products which can be used for the same purposes. For example when you want to announce a product for the market, first you need to get some pictures of that particular product and then you need to showcase them in the market in a very lucrative manner so that those product pictures can draw attention of the customers easily. This is where the use of the foam board can bring handy outcome for you. This is also known as the foam core board and it is used for a wide range of purposes and by wide range of industries. Whether you look into the photographic field or marketing or advertising field, now you can really find extensive use of the 5mm foam board by all these industries. Instead of using the board that is made from wood or other materials which can be very heavy, foam board brings you a lightweight and affordable option. Due to this reason, such foam boards are now used in great numbers.

The thickness that you need for your foam board often depends on the surface area where the board will be installed. When the surface area is big, you always need to go for thicker foam board. For example when the surface area is 140 by 100 or more than that, you will need the foam board that has the thickness of 10 mm. and when the surface area is lower than that, you can use the 5mm foam board. This type of foam board is especially selected to make the signage and sign boards. These foam boards are used for the advertising purposes. They can be easily hung at different places to show the pictures of the products to the customers. They are light in weight and very durable. They have very good resistant against the outdoor conditions. Due to this reason, they are much preferred for the outdoor usages.

In order to mount the photographs and prints, now you can make the best use of the 5mm foam board. This is very strong and this can also be used as the backing or support for the picture frames. Now you can get the foam board in different sizes as well. As they are durable and lightweight materials, they are accepted in the advertising world wholeheartedly.

When we are talking about different types of foam board, how we can miss the polystyrene foam board. It’s a very lightweight material but highly durable and strong. This is mostly used for the commercial and residential applications so that proper insulation can be done for these premises. This type of foam board is mostly used for the making of water barriers and thermal insulation. As we all know that insulation is important for our homes and when this is done properly your home can really become a more energy efficient place. This allows you to save more money on a long run. And this is where the use of the polystyrene foam board as the insulation material can bring handy outcome.

As far as the polystyrene foam board is concerned, this is very rigid. This type of foam board also promotes foam insulation at its best. This type of insulation is often considered to be durable and moisture resistant. It’s the polystyrene foam board that can withstand against different temperatures easily. As this is a waterproof insulation material, it is used in great numbers to do proper insulation for commercial and residential premises.