The Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) certification program at the master's level has undergone an update to version 6.5. In order to become certified, individuals are required to pass the NCM-MCI-6.5 exam. For those who are preparing for the exam, Passcert has recently launched the Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Dumps which are designed to provide candidates with the best possible preparation for the test, ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass their exam with flying colors. With Passcert NCM-MCI-6.5 dumps, candidates can gain a deep understanding of the concepts and technologies covered in the exam, and develop the skills needed to succeed in this highly competitive field.
Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Dumps

Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 6.5 Exam

The Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastruture (NCM-MCI) certification measures your ability to analyze, evaluate, and optimize platform performance, configuration and health. The exam will also validate the candidate's ability to remediate and evolve the platform to be in compliance with business requirements.
Successful NCMs have approximately 3-5 years of holistic IT infrastructure experience and 2-3 years of Nutanix virtualization experience.
The NCM-MCI 6.5 exam is a core component of the Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure track. The certification requires that candidates have obtained the NCP-MCI 5, NCP-MCI 6, or NCM-MCI 5 certification. It also requires a passing score on the exam. Once you have passed the Nutanix Certified Master – Multicloud Infrastructure 6.5 exam and achieved the NCM-MCI 6 certification, it will remain valid for two years. To maintain your certification status, you must either renew your existing certification or take an equivalent NCM-level exam within another certification track.

Exam Details

Format: Live Lab Environment
Number of Scenarios: 16-20
Time Limit: 180 minutes
Language: English
Pricing: $299 per attempt 

Knowledge Objectives

It is recommended that candidates have the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy, administer and troubleshoot a Nutanix AOS environment before attempting the NCM-MCI 6.5 exam.

Section 1 – Analyze and Optimize Storage Performance

Analyze and optimize storage settings
Evaluate competing workload requirements
Outline storage internals (I/O)

Section 2 – Analyze and Optimize Network Performance 

Analyze/optimize overlay networking
Evaluate and optimize physical/virtual networks
Implement advanced network configurations
Analyze/optimize Flow policies and configurations

Section 3 - Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting 

Execute API calls and CLI functionality
Configure third-party integrations
Analyze and configure AOS security posture
Translate business requirements into technical solutions
Given a scenario, configure system to mitigate risk
Troubleshoot Nutanix services

Section 4 – Analyze and Optimize VM Performance 

Manipulate VM configuration for resource utilization
Interpret VM, node, and cluster metrics 

Section 5 – Business Continuity

Analyze BCDR plans for compliance with business objectives
Evaluate BCDR plans for specific workloads

How To Best Prepare for Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Exam?

To further enhance your preparation for the Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 exam, here are some additional tips that you may find helpful:
- Research and gather more resources: Aside from the study materials provided, try to gather additional resources such as books, articles, and online forums that can provide you with more comprehensive information and insights.
- Create a detailed study plan: Develop a study plan that not only includes a list of topics to cover but also specific learning objectives and activities for each session. This can help you stay more organized and ensure that you're making progress towards your goals.
- Conduct practice tests: Practice tests can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint areas that need more attention. You can find practice tests online or create your own by using sample questions from the exam.
- Engage in hands-on exercises: While theoretical knowledge is important, having hands-on experience can also greatly enhance your understanding of the concepts. Try to find opportunities to work on real-world scenarios or set up a test environment to practice your skills.
- Seek guidance from a mentor: If you know someone who has taken the exam before or has more experience in the field, consider reaching out to them for guidance and advice. They may be able to provide you with valuable insights and tips that can help you succeed.
Remember to take breaks and take care of yourself throughout the studying process. With these tips and a strong commitment to your preparation, you'll be fully equipped to ace the Nutanix Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 exam. Best of luck to you!