ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam Getting ISO 27001 certified doesn’t mean you can knock on the door of the certification body and ask them to give you a certificate – there are many things you have to prepare in order to get your certificate Get support from your top management Too many companies overlook this step, and this is the number one reason why ISO 27001 projects fail: mid-level management starts the implementation, but inevitably they run into problems and they ask top management for help. But, top management, not knowing why this is important, do nothing about it. So, to avoid such a situation, first you have to get the attention and understanding of your CEO and/or top executives – and to do that, you have to present them with the clear business benefits of ISO 27001 implementation for their company, like: increased market share, higher profits, lower compliance risk, etc. Arguments like “we’ll have a great new firewall” won’t work with these guys.

In most cases you’ll have these costs: literature and training, external assistance (either a consultant or online services), technology, certification, and – usually the biggest cost of all – your own employees. This is because most of the technology you probably already have in place, but your employees will have to organize better in order to start using this technology in a more secure way. Treat the implementation like a project Implementing ISO 27001 is primarily about re-organizing how security processes are done in your company – so you can’t give this job to one person and expect him or her to do the whole thing completely alone; all the same, you can’t give it to a rookie or to someone who has no experience in running a project and expect such a person to coordinate everything that is necessary throughout your company.

Project Proposal for ISO 27001 Implementation

ISO 27001 implementation needs to be treated as a regular project, which means selecting an experienced project manager, setting the deadlines and deliverables, defining who is the project sponsor, etc. ISO 27001 Implementation in Nepal like risk assessment, only to jump into the “real” implementation of various safeguards (security controls). But this standard is written in a very sequential way, and this is done with a very good reason: you can’t fix something unless you know what’s broken. Will you be able to implement ISO 27001 without addressing these five elements? Yes. But if you want to get the certificate in a rather short time, these are the crucial issues you have to take care of. If you’re prepared and organized, you’ll be able to implement and certify against ISO 27001.

How to get ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam?

Instructions to get ISO/IEC 27001 affirmation cost for associations relies upon a critical number of factors, so each organization should set up a totally different financial plan. Comprehensively, the fundamental expenses are identified with:

  • Training and writing
  • External help
  • Technologies to be refreshed/actualized
  • Employee's exertion and time
  • The confirmation review

How to get ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam A decent practice prior to beginning such an undertaking is to play out a hole examination, to recognize the current status of data security, and an underlying desire for required exertion.