Karachi City

Karachi is Pakistan's biggest city in Pakistan and the former capital of Pakistan and also the provincial capital for Sindh. The name that was used in the old historical publications was "Mai Kolachi Jo Goth" and "Karatishi" is also one of the earlier versions of the name. The person who is a native of Karachi is known as Karachiite. The city is the economic and commercial hub of Pakistan. It is home to two major seaports in the region. The city is located along the coast of the Arabian Sea west of the Indus River delta. Karachi is the biggest contributor of the country's Gross Domestic Product and the nation's revenue. Its population is around 12 million, making it the third-largest city worldwide, after Shanghai and Mumbai.It is divided into 5 districts: District South, District East, District West, District Central, and District Malir. Karachi has the highest number of districts within Sindh following Hyderabad with six districts. Quad-e-Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) father of the nation was born and was buried in Karachi.

Karachi has a variety of big and small shopping zones, including the Saddar area located in downtown Karachi. Karachi has also a lot of modern and large shopping malls. Karachi has a modern airport, The Jinnah International Airport as well as two shipping ports of immense size located at Port of Karachi and Port Qasim. Karachi is connected by rail and railway lines to other parts of Pakistan.

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Some Important Facts About Karachi:

Religious Diversity

One of the remarkable features of Karachi is the fact that it has one of the biggest cities in the world. It is home to one of the largest Christian, Hindu, Baha'i and the ancient Parsi groups in Pakistan

Edhi Organization

World's biggest private ambulance network Edhi Organisation also belong to Karachi

South Asia's Tallest Building

Icon Tower Karachi was once the tallest structure within South Asia from 2016-2017. The 68-story building is the second-highest of its kind in South Asia.

Largest Mall in South Asia

The Lucky One Mall in Karachi is the biggest Mall within South Asia.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town is the largest private real estate firm in Asia

Asia's Largest Avenue

Jinnah Avenue Jinnah Avenue with whopping 20 lanes is one of the most extensive avenues in Asia

Port City

Karachi is an important port city that is an abundance of various regional representations

More beaches

The city has a lot of beaches with a lot of people, like Sea View, Hawks Bay, Boulevard, etc.

Most Polluted City in the World

Unfortunately, Karachi is also the most polluted city in Pakistan and the world.

Nightlife in Karachi:

If you're comfortable not taking a sip of alcohol, then there's plenty of chic restaurants, trendy cafes, as well as bars within Karachi that allow you to socialize with high-end Pakistanis. There are no nightclubs or bars that serve alcohol in public and the selling of alcohol is strictly controlled. Go to any of the famous hotels in the city and indulge in delicious local food, elegant cocktails, and live music in a relaxed and comfortable setting. For non-Muslim tourists and short-term visitors, there are some restaurants and bars that serve alcohol.

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Top Places for a Unique Night Out in Karachi, Pakistan

  • Arena
  • Bounce
  • Pi-Social
  • Westeros Dhaba, Karachi
  • Boating and dinner at Port Grand
  • Seaview’s activities and sunset
  • Stars Club

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Best Luxury Hotels in Karachi:

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Are you in Karachi to work or just for fun? If you have to stay a few hours in the city to attend an official trip or to enjoy a relaxing weekend Here are some of the most prestigious hotels in Karachi that will provide you with the best experience possible: