Thrall displayed a calm, sad face throughout the battle. He would like to see Garrosh be able to discern the difference between true leaders and warmonger. He didn't succeed in doing that and Garrosh seemed to WOW Classic TBC Gold be getting "worse" in his eyes. So much that he simply couldn't allow him to go and made the decision to kill him for the benefit of the Horde.

It also means that he was a failure, he fell short Garrosh, himself and Grom. He was not able to call on the elements when they sensed his lack goal and his inner conflict.

I've always found it irritating because they forget that Thrall was a physical genius from the beginning. Yet, I am a fan of his shamanistic ranting. The way he acted hasn't appeared to be very warrior-like since WotLK.

I'm with you. It's a problem in Garrosh's portrayal as a char. Even though he's been described as a warrior of awe, stories like the shattering show that his father might also have been one. The fact is that it's never revealed. He could have lost to Cairne had it not been for the cheating, but lets be honest Thrall could have taken on Cairne in the past. Garrosh is a formidable warrior. However, given your arguments, how much better could be he? Not as good as green jesus

His upbringing and his training. In the years leading up to the present, Thrall hasn't seen actual real, combat for some time up to a decade or more. He led the fight against prison camps, he founded the modern Horde as well as slipped into a leadership position and later shifted into a primarily shamanistic role. He has muscle memory and was regularly engaged in combat, going out on adventures with the PC. If you don't get a good break from anything you do, you'll get sucked into it. It's likely that he's a skilled fighter, but perhaps not enough to fight the same or even better warrior.

Garrosh's childhood and training, Garadar started as a pox camp . Later, it was an refugee center for Maghar and other orcs fleeing the old Horde. But it wasn't always that way. He was sick when he was younger, but he wasn't always sick. Garrosh along with the other young orcs ought to be able to have been coached and taught by older orcs. My memory is rusty however, I think Garrosh is depicted early as being the most powerful orc in Garadar combat wise and his apathy or lethargy is only a few years before we even get to. The novels also provide a visual of Garrosh as the type of character to spar daily with the Kor'kron. His attacks in his duel against Cairne are described as strong and skilled, however the youth of his character was diminished and his confidence was damaged by Cairne's years of experience. Saurfang also declared him to be a formidable fighter, who had few rivals when it came to fighting but his leadership inadequate and he was often unable to see the big picture because it was all about the visible picture. This is also ignoring the genetic predisposition towards being an ardent warrior (he was born into the Warsong clan after all). Garrosh is a powerful warrior with only a few weaknesses.

It's my belief that Thrall was not able to keep up his skills and had allowed them to fall to the wayside in favour of his shamanistic talents and because of Garrosh's ability and genetics... it's no cheap WOW TBC Gold surprise that Garrosh was winning until Thrall summoned the elements.