In association with TAFE, Massey Ferguson has been delivering the finest farm vehicles for ages. It is a highly innovative brand and suits both agricultural and commercial operations. 

Massey 9500 is the stylish and brand-new Massey Ferguson Smart series model. This 58-horsepower category beast gives optimum performance for improved productivity. 

The Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart (8+2) is one of the remarkable models launched by the company. It is fuel-efficient and dynamic on the field. Moreover, it has been priced above the 9 lakhs category due to its modernist features. Which is still a value-for-the-money deal!

Take a Tour of Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart Specifications

This model has a SIMPSONS TSJ 327 TIII A category engine making it suitable for various tasks. It is a diesel-powered engine with 3 cylinders with a whopping cubic volume of 2700 CC.

Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart has a Dual clutch. In addition, this MF model comes with a Comfimesh gearbox. It assists in choosing the right speed for different applications. 

Talking about the muscle-power, this Smart machine has a Hydraulics Lifting Capacity of 2050 kg! 

What are the Smart Features of Massey Ferguson 9500?

The biggest perk is that the model is fuel-efficient! In addition, features of this MF model also include eSMART electronic hydraulics, sleek headlamps, asli side shift, adjustable front axle, full platform, company-fitted hitch, raised bumper, and an auxiliary pump. 

The power steering feature is easy to tackle in agricultural activities. With so much more to offer, it is indeed a smart machine for our farmers!