It's worth noting that D2R Items Demon Gates are intended to be high-level, late-game events. In fact, in order to get into the Realm of Damnation zone, players will need to attain a minimum level of 56 and the difficulty has being set at Hell, unlocked after finishing the campaign and getting to level 60.

If these requirements are satisfied and when a Demon Gate is found, players can go in to face waves of enemies while completing basic tasks within a time duration. Although Blizzard originally confirmed Demon Gates as a three persons activity, they can be completed solo which means that players don't have to look for a group in advance. Once the demons have been exterminated, the last step is to seal the gate shut, preventing the return of demons to the realm.

Thankfully, players will be awarded for their efforts in getting the job accomplished. Beyond those mentioned above Enchanted Dust, players have received armor and, with a bit of luck, other materials along with legendary loot. It's also possible to earn Cursed Chests during these events which can provide players with more treasure.

The past year hasn't been for Blizzard Entertainment on the PR aspect, and the launch of Diablo 4 isn't doing the company any favors due to the high cost of microtransactions that rival games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 or GTA Online. 

Gamers are spending thousands dollars to D2R Ladder Items Buy unlock their game's Legendary Gems and upgrade their characters enough to make progress effectively, and also have a chance fighting against other players.