We also FIFA 23 Coins watch former City Keeper along with Matchday Live pundit David James attempt to play cricket with Harrdy and Harrdy, who then changed roles, firing some football shots along with Jamo wearing full cricket gear!

Last but not the least, we get a different view of another stunning Champions League Group G win at home to FC Copenhagen.

Defensive midfielders have become one of the most well-known roles because of their flexibility, and here are a few of the finest players in FIFA 23

The defensive midfielder is one of the most crucial tasks in modern teams that require flexibility in both attack and defense. In this role, players are expected to help the defense to stop certain attacks and then swiftly moving the ball towards the forward players with the goal of getting control of the ball and possibly even initiating an offensive counterattack.

DMs are very popular in FIFA games as well and they are particularly popular because they help keep the opposition at bay and make sure that their attacks don't take place in a way that could be dangerous and also act as an important link between the defense and the other players. Here are some of the best DMs that players can use to strengthen their team during FIFA 23.

As one of the top young players around who is shaping up to become someone special. Sandro Tonali is a talent with a great potential. This is something that the EA scouts have recognized in turn, which has buy FUT 23 Coins led to him receiving such an impressive rating.