Consider it as D2R Items a separate sequence of tasks that can be completed alongside the standard quest line. Many players disregard the quests as they are green and are clearly second quests in the main line. However, there's nothing "secondary" regarding their ability to level players up quickly

In addition to the Guide missions, every aspect of the Battle Pass is worth completing. While not all entries will earn experience, like the Guide quests will, they can earn points towards being eligible for the Battle Pass. 

If you have enough completed they will be eligible for your Battle Pass will rank up.At every rank up you will receive a huge boost in experience for the player. These ranks and corresponding experience gains are also available to purchase, meaning that most players using pay-to-win are playing power-leveling using their credit cards, however following the rules consistently will lead to the top of the list just fine.

However the difficulty level is set in any way, the beasts that are killed will have a chance to yield Monstrous Essence globes that will go towards the bestiary. Turn in the globes to the Bestiary whenever you reach the tenth level as fast as it is possible. The players aren't able to collect additional globes once they've got at least ten, so frequent trips are mandatory.

These entries aren't sloppy about sharing the experiences they provide, but it's a huge blast every time. Try to submit at least three entries per day to be on the right track. The number of globes dropped does diminish in the course of the day However, this seems to be reset to buy diablo 2 resurrected items a regular dropping rate each day.