What I have found really useful about training with Max is that he really understands competition horses and how they need to perform. All of the training is building a foundation for a strong, supple horse with a trainable brain. I have applied the things he has taught me to dozens and dozens of horses I've worked with. Horse Training Near Me

I didn't have any dramatic problems with my current horse Dan but decided to continue lessons with Max. Despite only having a lesson once every few months due to my location, I would take so much away each time and feel I learnt more than I would in dozens of weekly lessons with someone else. Thanks to Max I now have a horse that I backed and started completely by myself who is a total dream to ride, even when he's been left in the field for weeks. Horse Trainers Near Me

I can feel the immediate difference in Dan's way of going after a bodywork session and I can now tell when he needs seeing by how he feels to ride. Max has such a calm, confident manner with horses and absolutely no temper which is so important. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone.