Jordan Fletcher is really a Legal Counsel at Aecon located in Toronto. Ahead of joining Aecon, Jordan Fletcher Toronto worked in several legal positions with companies such as for example Blackberry, Thomson Reuters, and IBM Canada. Jordan's focus lies in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors, with a focus on clean technology and environmental law. He has appeared as a keynote speaker at numerous industry events, such as the 2016 Canadian Renewable Energy Awards Dinner. In this post, Jordan shares his insights on the existing state of the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors and how lawyers will help support these industries.

Jordan Fletcher's Background

Jordan Fletcher is really a Legal Counsel at Aecon located in Toronto. She's experience dealing with both public and private sector clients on energy, environment, water and infrastructure projects. Jordan has also worked as a lawyer with the World Bank and the African Development Bank. In her current role, she advises clients on the development of sustainable infrastructure projects. Jordan's expertise in these fields makes her an invaluable resource for companies looking to buy sustainable projects.

The Role of A Legal Counsel at Aecon

Jordan Fletcher is really a Legal Counsel at Aecon located in Toronto. He has worked in the legal field for over 10 years, having started being an articling clerk with a law firm in Toronto. Jordan has experience focusing on both environmental and energy-related litigation, in addition to land use and development projects. In his current role, Jordan provides legal counsel to Aecon subsidiaries and joint ventures across North America. He also assists with regulatory compliance and advises on business strategy. Jordan is really a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association.

The Different Types of Cases a Legal Counsel at Aecon May Handle

Aecon is really a multinational engineering and construction company with operations in over 40 countries. With over 10,000 employees, the business provides a full selection of services including engineering and construction, natural resources, environmental protection and infrastructure development. Jordan Fletcher is really a Legal Counsel at Aecon located in Toronto. In this role, she provides legal assistance to their global operations.

Fletcher's practice centers on corporate law, M&A transactions and regulatory compliance. She's experience in a variety of industries, including energy and oil & gas, transportation and infrastructure, renewable energy and telecommunications. She has also worked extensively in people sector, representing government clients such as for example municipal councils and agencies. Fletcher earned her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto in 2013.

What Kind of Research is Required to Become a Legal Counsel at Aecon?

Learning to be a legal counsel at Aecon requires a great deal of research. Legal counsels must be able to read and understand complex legal documents, in addition to keep in touch with clients and other attorneys. So as becoming a legal counsel at Aecon, students must complete both undergraduate and law school courses in legal research and writing.

Becoming a Legal Counsel at Aecon: The Interview Process

When Jordan Fletcher started working as a legal counsel at Aecon in Toronto, she didn't depend on the initial and fascinating means of being a lawyer. All things considered, a lot of people think of lawyers as people with extensive law backgrounds and courtroom experience.

But that's not exactly what goes on whenever you enter the entire world of legal work. In reality, being a lawyer typically involves completing an undergraduate degree in law, gaining professional experience through various legal positions, and then applying becoming a practicing lawyer.

Jordan's journey to being a legal counsel at Aecon was no different. She started her career being an associate in a law firm, where she gained valuable experience focusing on complex litigation cases. After 2 yrs with her previous employer, Jordan decided it was time for an alteration and applied to join Aecon as a legal counsel.

The applying process is incredibly rigorous and requires applicants to show both their skills and potential as lawyers by submitting detailed letters of recommendation and applications offering personal details about their education and professional experiences.

Jordan was lucky enough for positive feedback from her initial application reviews, which helped her sail through the next stage of the application process—the interview process. During the interview process, Jordan had the ability to generally meet with members of the legal team at Aecon (including the CEO), question them questions about their roles and responsibilities, and get a notion of what being a lawyer at Aecon actually involves.

The Nature of the Work as a Legal Counsel at Aecon

Jordan Fletcher is really a Legal Counsel at Aecon located in Toronto and she specializes in environmental, water resources and infrastructure law. She's been working as a legal counsel for Aecon since 2016 and has worked on various projects related to energy, transportation, environment and water management. Jordan Fletcher is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the American Bar Association.