The online food delivery segment is a flourishing one in the on-demand delivery service market. Meantime, the grocery delivery segment is also growing at the same pace. However, grocery delivery & food delivery are the relishing businesses in this technology-driven modern world. Nevertheless, people are looking for a way to get their orders, whether it is food or grocery, without going outdoors. This is because they have a busy schedule.  

Thus, withstanding the booming market has become quite complex as there are many food delivery apps in Google Play Store. Swiggy is a perfect example of a food delivery service provider, has gained immense popularity with millions of active users. This blog will give you valuable information about Swiggy’s expansion, that you could consider while launching the Swiggy Clone app.     

Swiggy’s service expansion for its growth

The eye-witnessing example is Swiggy, which has already marked its prominence in the market, focusing on providing a grocery delivery service. 

Recently, Swiggy has expanded Instamart, a grocery delivery app, to five more Indian cities. It includes Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, and Hyderabad. Furthermore, it planned to deliver groceries within 15 to 30 minutes of ordering groceries via the app. This expansion seems to be a major one since the inception of Instamart in Bangalore and Gurugram. 

Sriharsha Majety, a founder and CEO of Swiggy, said that the company is forethought to expand into breakout areas: Grocery delivery and Meat delivery. So far, it has secured $1.25 billion funding and he said that most of the funding would be invested into Instamart.    

As of June 2021, it has more than 20 million monthly users and accepts 1.5 million orders per day. In comparison to the previous year, the revenue has increased 2.8 times. In a nutshell, the company is expanding its service to deliver unparalleled convenience to its customers. 

Entrepreneurs, those running a food delivery business with an app, are also concentrating on expanding their service by entering the next flourishing segment of grocery delivery. 

Keeping these in mind, you can consider expanding the service in and around the cities you are operating. On the whole, establishing a delivery business is a top-notch idea. So, depending on your target audience and budget, you can think about expanding your business and reach greater heights. 

Swiggy Clone, a white-label food delivery solution for your business

Swiggy Clone Script is a white-label app solution, which will aid you to establish a food delivery business within a few days. It is a prebuilt food ordering & delivery solution with general features and functionality. As it is a customizable solution, it can be tweaked depending on your requirements and launch globally. 

Imperative features to include in the Swiggy Clone app

  • Multilingual

When you plan to launch the Swiggy Clone app globally, it would be essential to consider the multilingual feature. This will let the customers use the app in their native language by changing its language according to their wishes. 

  • Location tracking

This feature will enable the customers to keep track of the order status. That is, right from ordering the food till its delivery. Despite this, they have the option to keep an eye on the movement of the delivery person in real-time via the app. 

  • Order scheduling

Scheduling the delivery at their convenience is an added advantage. With this feature, customers can place their orders and schedule the delivery by specifying the date & time of delivery. 

  • Various payment modes

Some customers prefer to pay online, whereas others will opt to choose the cash payment option. To meet the demands of almost all the customers, it would be great to provide both digital payment and cash payment modes. The payment gateway integrated into the app ensures safe and secure transactions. 

  • Ratings and reviews

The customers’ feedback has a great impact on your business. The Ratings/Reviews feature incorporated in the Swiggy Clone app will enable the customers to provide feedback on the delivery person who delivered their order. Also, they can give ratings to the restaurants. Positive feedback posted for a particular restaurant by any customer will encourage other customers to place orders from the same restaurant.  


To conclude, the on-demand delivery service business is a top-notch idea. However, you have seen Swiggy's growth and its expansion to reach a larger user base. Therefore, launching a Swiggy Clone app with fascinating features will empower you to hit the profitable market.