I am so confused! There are so many different recommendations out there about 'good' nutrition that I can't figure out fact from fiction." If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this statement or one like it I would be a very rich woman.

To answer this question electric protein shaker bottle I have to say only this; that good old fashioned nutrition is coming out tops in all the latest research. By old fashioned, I mean really old, as in the days when your mother told you to eat your vegetables, and made sure you ate two to three pieces of fruit a day. She always gave you the benefit of three-square-meals a day and a few good nutritious snacks as well. Fast food, soft drinks or sodas, sweets, cakes or lollies were treats seen only on weekends or once a month when you went on a picnic, they were not daily dietary habits. In those days people worked hard and long and still found time to play games with their kids, they are also proving to be a very long lived generation.

So let's take a look at why this old fashioned lifestyle created such wellness, energy and a great outlook on life.

Back in the days before everyone became so much busier because of technology, and you thought it was meant to make your life easier. It seems to me that technology made it easier to be in constant contace and so people now expect you to answer them immediately or they want to know why. Technology has made it easier to be busier and so we skip meals or opt for fast food, just to keep up with our constantly updated schedules. I have to ask you, have you thought about, not answering your phone? Or checking your emails? Or fast forwarding that memo, during meal times or during me-times?

What are me-times, I hear you ask? They are the highly important VIP all areas access times that you take to recharge you. They need to be right at the top of your priority list, not at the bottom where they more than likely are now. Without these times as your top priority where will you ever find the energy to give the best of yourself to your endeavours and become the success I know you can be? I promise you, the world will not stop if you take time out to eat well, exercise and de-stress. In fact the very people you want to impress will be impressed with your dedication to yourself. Why? Because the most successful people do exactly that, and one thing my NLP and Coaching Master courses have taught me well, is to model yourself on the people who have the kind of success you want to have.