Both makeovers and teeth whitening procedures are beneficial to a person’s health. The dental clinic in Pitampura is well equipped with very high-level biosafety measures and is required to adhere to them at all times and modify them as necessary. There are numerous products on the market that the dentist might suggest. Keeping regular visits to dental clinics in Rohini will always be helpful to get detailed information about the advanced procedures that are being provided. 


Teeth Whitening Services 

Teeth Whitening is an advanced cosmetic tooth whitening service done when the teeth become yellowish. It is an in-office teeth whitening process that uses ultraviolet (UV) rays to enhance the whitening gel. You can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in an hour with the help of the whitening gel. 

You have seen that red wine, coffee, tea, and smoking all cause tooth yellowing. Additionally, one of the causes of the same is ageing. People who struggle with tooth colour praise the advantages of teeth whitening. This in-office procedure uses 25% hydrogen peroxide to get rid of tooth stains and yellowness. Your teeth appear whiter and less sensitive as a result.


Is Teeth Whitening Effective? 

Tooth stains can be effectively treated with the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. Only dentists are permitted to use products with a higher concentration of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide than OTC items.

If a person maintains their teeth after the procedure, the results could last for a whole year. There is a reduced chance of gum inflammation and enamel damage. The components used to make the gel reduce tooth sensitivity.



  1. The available products deliver the best outcomes in a shorter amount of time and have greater HP concentrations.
  2. To increase the oxidation of chromogens, people are exposed to bright blue light after applying the gel.


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