Youll often find this kind of technology in education settings. Interactive whiteboards have made remote learning more accessible than ever before. However, many of the benefits cross over into business uses as well.


Some of the activities that you can use an interactive whiteboard for include:


Group note-taking. Encourage teams to work together by having everyone jot down notes on their whiteboard app. You can then publish the document as a PDF.

Interactive lessons . Get students excited about learning by getting them more involved. For businesses, look for professional development opportunities that could benefit the whole team at an upcoming training session.

Split-screen options are also available, along with a spotlight feature that helps break up learning and focus your audience as you work through a presentation. Multi-app usage makes presentations and lessons more interactive and engaging.

Is there a difference between interactive whiteboards and smartboards?

An interactive whiteboard works like a normal whiteboard, but the added digital component allows you to interact with it on a computer and save content for future reference.


Smartboards are similar, but they offer more user interaction. Smartboard technology allows multiple people to access and use the board from other locations.


Both technologies offer interactive features within their display. They are generally connected via an HDMI or VGA cable.


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Benefits of interactive whiteboards in education

Its difficult to capture the attention of an entire class in todays fast-paced, tech-driven world. Keeping their attention and using technology to your advantage can be even more difficult. Similar to how the best teachers can integrate life, art, and science, the best technology combines experience, design, and science to solve your problems efficiently. Many educators have integrated technology into the classroom with fantastic results.


Interactive technology raises student engagement. Engaged students are more attentive, and engagement offers a whole host of benefits: increased comprehension, improved test scores, and stronger literacy. The same engagement/attentiveness relationship holds true for corporate training and learning in adults, making the Vibe board a useful learning tool in any collaborative learning situation.