WoW Shadowlands WoTLK Classic Gold Datamine reveals What's Next For Sylvanas

Since the time players have defeated Sylvanas in the final battle of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, they've been pondering what would happen to the character. Sylvanas was essentially a traitor to all of Azeroth, and even her own faction in service of the Jailer. In the present, thanks to datamining of an upcoming story epilogue, fans have the idea about Sylvanas' fate.

Wowhead extracted a few vocal lines from the epilogue to the Zereth Mortis campaign, which is slated to arrive to the player in its live edition next week. These voice lines don't tell the entire story by any means however, they paint an extremely transparent picture of the events that are likely to happen to Sylvanas and the person who's responsible the punishment. There are spoilers to follow.

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands - Cinematic Announcement

As is evident in the voice lines as they are revealed in the voice dialogue, it appears the leaders of Azeroth are content leaving it up to Sylvanas to Tyrande, The leader of Night Elves. Sylvanas was, in fact, did commit genocide in the face of the Night Elves by burning down their home, Teldrassil, and started a full-blown war with the Alliance which was the main reason for Game of Thrones' Battle for  buy WoTLK Gold Azeroth expansion. The demise at Sylvanas orders was to take more souls to the Jailer and help to carry out his plan. With all this in mind, Tyrande is perhaps the most suitable person to carry out justice for what Sylvanas did.