The Russian-flagship Sebek Zali was carrying thousands of tons of grain from a port in the post-warเกมสล็อตxoRussian-occupied Ukrainian port. Sailing through Turkish waters It is an issue to observe the status of Turkey's relationship with the two countries when it is noted that The ship reflected the food crisis and the grain was stolen from Ukraine.

On July 8, 2022, Al Jazeera released a report on the discovery of the Russian-flagged freighter Sebek Zali in the Black Sea in Turkey's maritime range. A cargo of stolen grains from Ukraine


The Sebek Sali ship case reflects concerns about the food crisis during the war. It will also test Turkey's relationship with Russia and Ukraine.

Because while the battlefield in Ukraine After more than 100 days of Russian attacks, the Sebek Zali was able to carry cargo through the port of Berdiansk in the Ukrainian port city of Zaporizhia, an area occupied by Russia at the end of June. Oct. Ready to sail through Turkey. There were thousands of tons of Ukrainian grain on board.

The Moscow government-sponsored news channel This merchant ship's journey was called It was a departure from the liberation port, and the Sebek Sali was probably the first cargo ship to leave the Beardiansk. port city in ukraine occupied by Russia Since the war began

At the same time, there are also reports that There are also other Russian ships. also left the Ukrainian ports and carried grain. came earlier too

According to reports from the Ukrainian side, Turkish authorities intercepted the ship Sebek Zali near the Kurasu port on July 3. Turkey's foreign ministry said it was investigating Ukraine's demands for grain on board the ship.

However, another report states that The ship also left a port in Turkey on July 3, and the matter upset Ukrainian officials, saying that the Sebek Zali was allowed to leave the Turkish port. Although there is clear evidence that it is presented to the Turkish authorities.

The final destination of the ship is unknown.
The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sebek Soli was in the process of implementing it. along with denying any wrongdoing and denying reports related to regulated cargo.

The dispute has raised concerns about the food crisis. After the Russo-Ukrainian War Because Ukraine is the world's leading wheat producer. and after the war This caused a halt to wheat exports, and this time it was an allegation that Russia steals neighbor's vital commodities

Nikolay Gorbakov, president of the Ukrainian Grain Association, said Russian soldiers stole grain stored in silos and transported by truck or train to an occupied Crimean port. and loaded onto the ship while the transponder was deactivated.

“They stole crops with brutal force and threats with weapons,” Gorbachev said.

On the other hand, the case of the Sebek Zali ship is also a test of Turkey's sincerity. on the role of mediation in war and the relationship of both sides, while the United Nations called on Turkey to help with grain export routes. and until now What Turkey does is Avoiding Igniting Conflict with Russia Without detaining the Russian ship, despite knowing that the ship was carrying cargo from Ukraine, it had entered Turkish territory.