This super cool couple tied the knot on 8th April 2018 and filled their day with stylish, modern, and contemporary touches, using the support from the fabulous Katie.

"We didn't particularly desire a structured theme for the wedding, but much more of a relaxed, happy, and fun day that represented us both like a couple. I'd been a bridesmaid six times before our wedding, and Joe has been to many of these with me, so using that we were lucky enough to understand the kind of things we did want and people we desired to avoid."

"My dress is a completely bespoke design. Originally a 1970s vintage finds from whilst visiting home, I fell for that intricate lace and crochet detail up half. The skirt has been turned into a 1950's replica full tulle style, and even though it made all of us cry with joy, it didn't 100% seem like 'me' and I didn't wish to miss out on the wedding gown shopping experience.”

"I thought I'd wind up having two dresses, my vintage wedding dresses along with a contemporary 'wow' factor dress for that evening, so went dress shopping with this particular goal in your mind."

"I kept the jewelry simple as my dress is detailed. Again I used a popular local jewelry boutique: which solved the problem pick out Rachel Jacksons along with a pair of triangular zirconia studs to give a hint of sparkle."

"Joe decided to go unique together with his suit and opted for any dark red number in the retro store on Carnaby Street. Also a fashion fan, it made sense he desired to go for something with increased character! He looked amazing inside it and again has already established so many compliments since. I love he chose something bolder. He also wore a shirt from ASOS that they hand-monogrammed himself."

"We wanted a backdrop to the ceremony given it had been such a large wooden room, the arch being copper, was simply dressed up in baby eucalyptus. We had two long tables for dining, and loved the greater rustic less formal look so hired in tables and chairs from opting to help keep them bare and natural." Here

"I'm keen on foliage, big blooms, and much more creative floral displays, whereas Joe was more to have an un-wedding look therefore we went middle ground with smaller white and burgundy flowers for example the wax flower and astrantia amongst eucalyptus along with other greens, keeping the pieces we decided on a minimum or paring them back for any more untraditional look."

"Joe and I met at university 10 years before our big day! It was a meet-cute situation, a mutual but still great friend of ours from my fashion course, asked us both to model for any fashion shoot she was wearing. We got paired like a couple for that shoot, and then realized we simply lived two doors down from one another."

"Eight years in, after a large amount of travel together, after which settling into London life, Joe proposed in Luxembourg. It was a basic, very romantic, and unexpected proposal, as he'd originate from a stag do in Amsterdam, not somewhere I thought he'd have a ring! But sure enough, inside a beautiful square overlooking the valley, he got recorded on one knee behind me and presented the most amazing ring."

"It would be a truly special moment I'll always remember. Waiting until our tenth anniversary meant we were built with a longer engagement than we initially meant to, but having that point meant we're able to add more personal elements, and as being a special date it had been well worth the wait."

"Photography would be a really big deal for me personally and Joe. Our style is much more candid, attempting to capture your day naturally as it had been unfolding, and finding someone who has an eye for that little things, the detail, the gorgeous moments saw but that you wish to remember."

"Music was another vital element in my experience and Joe, and achieving been to a lot of an event where others were disappointed with theirs I was nervous! Also sourced at Most Curious Wedding Fair, were the only real DJs who checked out our example playlist, first got it, loved playing the same genres, and already had set lists with a few of our favorites included. Plus these were excited by our brief. The party area wasn't empty for any second, and we loved our guests partied with all of our night long, both new and experienced, so couldn't recommend them enough."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"It's so rewarding wedding ceremony planning together, you'll both have individual ideas so it's fun to determine where you can push them and have the type of day both of you will love. It helps if there are fewer secrets, as possible be open and chat concerning the details, easing any nerves."

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