But honestly, I have been warm-and Madden 21 coins-cold with the FIFA games for well over a generation today: I think that the gameplay lacks the validity of the current PES series, and the presentation is miles away from NBA 2K21 and MLB The Show 21. Yes, the series is in a better condition than Madden NFL 21 -- that, presumably because of its lack of global appeal, receives a fraction of FIFA's funding -- but lately I have struggled to really get"into" it.

Among those issues, of course, is that I am just not very good at the game -- or, at least, I've been unable to compete online. I have had this weird problem with the FIFA franchise in which I'd have the ability to crush the AI on, state, Professional difficulty -- but, conversely, I would get crushed on World Class. It has always rubbed me the wrong way: it felt, for the longest time, such as I either had the option to win every match 8-0 or lose it 2-0. Because of this, I have found myself tiring of the franchise quickly.

Controversially, however, I've become hooked to Ultimate Team modes, and I wanted to give FIFA 21 another go. The thing I respect about FIFA is, due to football's international popularity, its card collecting mode is denser than anything you find in other titles; the drawback to this is you end up with a Club stuffed with crap cards.

I didn't actually have a set goal once I embarked on this trip -- if you browse my Madden NFL 21 post, you will understand I did lots of research on approaches to be able to better comprehend the game so I could finally win an online match -- but it is not like I've never won at a FIFA game before; I just wanted to buy Madden nfl 21 coins get improved.