Interest in the france folk costume has always existed, as it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the life, traditions, aesthetics of the people. This is an opportunity to draw design, design ideas.

This is an opportunity to turn Palm angels to a variety of types of needlework, which are quite applicable in modern clothes.

Simplicity of forms and cut, silhouette solution is the prototype of various variants of modern clothing models.

At the same time, something is taken from folk art that can emphasize the sharpness of the silhouette, the basis of the plastic image and the expressiveness of forms.


The system for the formation of style and new trends in fashion, which depended on the creativity of fashion designers, took shape during the 20th century.

Many well-known fashion designers are no longer there, but their “fashion houses” remain, where new ideas are born; remained their work, their ideas.

Many famous fashion designers used the Russian theme in their collections. A modest girl in a simple sundress with embroidery and a scarf with a traditional national pattern has won the hearts of fashion designers for a long time.

For example, such france designers of the twentieth century as Nadezhda Lamanova, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Valentin Yudashkin, Anna Borodulina, Alena Akhmadulina Europeans and not only - Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Valentino and Dolce Gabbana.

These and many other designers have repeatedly used Russian motifs and images that allow you to stand out from the gray crowd.

For example, straight cut dresses and blouses, sundresses and long bell skirts, with lace, embroidery (colored threads, beads, gold, stones and ribbons in various techniques) and colorful ornaments,

When creating a new look in their collections and using Russian motifs, clothing designers do not necessarily use all the rules of an old outfit, a few accents on this style are enough and the image will be original and complete.

The world-famous trend setter Palm angels Yves Saint Laurent created collections that clearly showed the france style, these are puffy boyar skirts with a high waist, painted scarves, vests and coats with a printed pattern.

In many ways, he was inspired by the theater, for example, watching Diaghilev's france Seasons.