The lady ate ramen noodles all week to get the Jordan Travis Scott out that Saturday. He met his goal. He actually starved himself but with sneakers. Many people think that people will break into and steal - and do whatever they can to get these shoes — but Jordan Heads are just like everyone else. Really cool people do not have this fascination with Michael Jordan shoes. It's not just sneakers: It's a way of life at the end of the day.

In a culture obsessed

  • With the latest hi-tech, why
  • Would people want to
  • Wear old, low-tech
  • Jordans — either OG or Retro

It is a subculture within the subculture. They have been arrested along with Michael Jordan who is doing things on the field that he cannot imitate. I mean the boy played with the flu. He could not get out of court. That drive and that desire conveys to the port as a tangible object that we can touch and touch.

What do you think wearing Jordans means? What makes wearing them so special?

It is a wish. It makes people feel special, as if when they put these things in they are part of history. The history they write. It has become history that you can wear it on your feet. No other shoe has been able to do that - not a t-shirt, that is. I, myself, could not find Instagram as a child. Most people did not have everything when they were children. Their parents did not have the money to buy these shoes. Now they have jobs, they are financially stable, and they can afford it, and they can live a childhood. It is very nostalgic. At my Brooklyn store, I have people crying when they walk in the door. They have very special and happy memories.

What is your favorite?

Air Jordan I. It's just a simple silhouette, a beautiful color - red and black, and a little white - you can wear it with anything. The main reason I love the shoe. There is no need to think about combining colors, or matching. It is a shoe that looks very different. And on top of that Michael Jordan’s introduction to the NBA, hence the alpha.

Has the sneaker culture changed since that shoe came out 30 years ago?

Absolutely. The custom of sneakers is built on the streets. It was on the hood. The internet has never said what is cool and what is hot. It is something built by children in the city. It goes with hip-hop. As hip-hop grew, the sneaker culture grew. As people saw Jordan Travis Scott at the foot of the rapper, they wanted to imitate their favorite rapper - wherever they were: Idaho, Iowa, overseas. It grew from New York, and now it is where we are today.

The sad thing is that companies

Are smart and say what is cool now. The children of the inner city no longer have that kind of power. Now the sneakers are out, and you should get them because they are limited - and if you don't get them now, you will never get them again. I really wish we could go back to a time when you could go to your mom and pop shop and pick whatever you like and make it cool. The good thing about Jordans, then, is the many retros. From the age of 18 to 18 - you can choose and choose, each model is very different and unique.