saturated medium-sized realms couldn't WOW Classic Items permit in any more players.

To combat this, Blizzard plans to boom realm capacity. Posting to the legit WoW Classic forum, Blizzard said "with hotfixes that we're currently deploying to all WoW Classic realms, we are drastically growing the wide variety of players that may be simultaneously logged in and playing. We anticipate this to result in smaller queues for realms that have huge queues, and a few realms need to now not have queues in any respect.”

World of Warcraft Classic transports gamers again to a model of 2004's original WoW that replicates the revel in from 15 years ago as closely as possible. The nostalgic pull of revisiting this antique version of Azeroth has been a hit with enthusiasts, with a few on the forums reporting queues of up to ten,000 players to enter a number of the most famous servers.