The Cash App is quite a popular application, so if you wish to load cash funds to your Cash Card, then there are several places where you can get it done. For instance, you can go to check cashers, convenience stores, or grocery stores. 


The Cashier can help you to load funds to your Cash Card for a small fee. And if we talk about the most common places to add funds, then they are CVS, Walmart, Walgreen, 7-Eleven, and much more. The process will be simple for all the stores, as they will just ask for the card number and the amount which you want to load. You need to give the amount in Cash plus the fees; once you give that, the funds will be instantly added to your Cash Card.


And if you don’t want to go to any store, then you can load the funds on your Cash App Card through your linked bank account or debit card. The benefit of going with this option is that it saves your time and money (in terms of fees).


What are the stores which can help to load Cash to your Cash Card?


See, as already told, if you have any nearby grocery stores or retail stores, then you can consider asking them for loading Cash to your Cash Card. The most popular places for loading cash to Cash Card are:






Rite Aid

Dollar General

Dollar Tree


Family Dollar


These are the most popular stores where you can easily load funds to your Cash App Card. Though they will ask you for some details of your Cash Card, just provide the Cash Card number which will be used for adding funds. 


Can we put the physical Cash to Cash App card at Stores?


When we use Cash App Card, we can use it any several places, but there are also some cases in which we have physical Cash in hand but not in the Cash Card. In that case, we look for how can we convert the physical Cash into a digital one. Now you have two options, either deposit that money to your bank account and then add funds from your bank to your Cash App Card; else, you can just pay that physical Cash to someone (who you know and who uses the Cash App), and that person can send money to your Cash App account from their account. And since the Cash Card is attached to Cash App Account, any funds available in the Cash App Account can be used with Cash Card. And if you don’t want to consider this option, then you can go to any retail store which loads funds to Cash Card


To save your time, we request our users to go to any of the following stores 7 Eleven, Dollar General, Walmart, Wallgreens, etc. You just need to ask the Cashier to add funds to your Cash Card; they will take the physical money and will add funds to your Cash Card.



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