The tractor always comes up to fulfil your expectation and condition. Mahindra 265 DI & Massey Ferguson 7250 DI tractors deliver all technical specifications and superb features, which provide the option to choose an efficient tractor. These tractors are the most trustworthy and are the best models among the other tractors. Every farmer needs numerous features and tools that are provided by these tractors. You can get these tractor specifications here. 

Mahindra 265 Tractor Features 

  • Mahindra 265 DI is a 30 Horsepower (HP) tractor with 3 Cylinders and a 2048 CC engine producing 1900 engine rated RPM.
  • Mahindra 265 DI is fitted with a dry-type single clutch, which offers easy and smooth functioning.
  • This tractor provides Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes that assist low slippage and high grip.
  • This 265 DI tractor provides 1200 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
  • Mahindra 265 DI is mated with a dry-type single clutch, which is helpful in smooth and easy functioning.
  • Mahindra 265 DI steering type is Power Steering from that tractor and gets easy to fast response and control. It has a 1200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.


  • Massey 7250 DI comes with 2-Wheel Drive powered by 2 rear wheels. Moreover, this tractor is fitted with Oil Immersed Brakes as it provides power and improves comfort.
  • The engine is engaged with 2 reverse + 8 forward gears for better performance. This gear ratio helps in achieving maximum performance on the farm and in completing heavy-duty tasks.
  • Additionally, Massey Ferguson DI comes with a lifting capacity of 2300 kg.
  • This tractor is available with a 6 X 16 Inch Front and 13.6 X 28/14.9 X 28 Inch tire Setup at the Rear. Furthermore, the lifting performance is improved due to the ADDC hydraulic controls used in the system.
  • Moreover, Massey Ferguson 7250 DI delivers longer productive hours on the farms due to its fuel-efficient engine and fuel tank capacity of 55 litres.

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