Twitter is testing a 'CC' button to turn video captions on or off - 9to5Mac


Twitter today announced it is starting to test a "CC" button that will let users turn captions on or off. The feature is rolling out for some iOS users and is coming soon to Android users, Twitter states.

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A video posted by social media shows a CC button appearing in the top-right corner of the video at subtitled Video subtitles or no subtitles? It's now easier to select for some of you on iOS and soon on Android,

the company said in a tweet. We're testing an option to turn subtitles off/on with a new 'CC' button.Twitter introduced auto-generated captions to videos last December. To make videos more accessible

for deaf and hard of hearing users Auto-captions are available on web, iOS and Android in over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Hindi, and many more.

Today's announcement comes as Twitter just rolled out a globally enhanced alt text accessibility feature. Images with alt text have an "ALT" label in the corner of the image. When you hover over a label You'll see user-generated image descriptions.