MediFusion is providing different services in health and medical fields such as medical billing and coding.
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  • Medical Practice Management Software
    MediFusion is providing a cloud-based Medical Practice Management Software solution. In addition to serving small physicians' offices, the system can also serve small groups of physicians. There are several core functions within the clinic, such as scheduling, medical billing, coding scrubbers, and patient management.
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  • Medical Practice Management System
    MediFusion is providing a cloud-based Medical Practice Management System, which is built for healthcare industries. TAs part of this solution, medical practices are able to track and manage patient information, file claims electronically, manage appointments for multiple providers, as well as manage patient information. MediFusion is providing integration with existing EMR/EHR systems.
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  • Patient Engagement Solutions
    MediFusion provides Patient Engagement Solutions, such as adding and integrating a CRM system that blends in multiple sources of data (patient demographics, psychographics, social, behavioral, clinical, call centers, and provider credentials) to provide a more comprehensive understanding of consumer habits.
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  • Electronic Medical Records Software
    MediFusion is providing an Electronic Medical Records Software program, which is a cloud-based program designed specifically to improve the flow of information between doctors and patients in order to enhance the efficiency of medical procedures and save people's lives. MediFusion, EMR software offers extensive clinical content and support for multiple medical specialties such as...
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  • Patient Engagement In Healthcare
    MediFusion helps Patient Engagement In Healthcare, There are a lot of key factors in patient engagement in healthcare. There is a positive impact on communication, care, and outcomes for proactive patients, options are available to patients, engagement tools reduce costs, reduce waste, and lower staff burden. Engaged patients are more likely to be satisfied ones.
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  • Medical Records Portal
    MediFusion provides a Medical Records Portal, which assists in decision-making, designing, planning, delivering, and evaluating health services. It is key to work with patients and family members to improve programs, service delivery, and policy by utilizing their firsthand knowledge, insight, and experience.
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  • Free EHR Software Online
    MediFusion is providing a cloud-based Free EHR Software Online solution suitable for small to midsize medical practices. Various solutions are offered, such as an all-in-one solution or an integration with third-party products. There are some key features including Surescripts-certified e-prescribing of medications and controlled substances with the MediFusion Med Map,...
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  • Free Practice Management
    MediFusion is providing cloud-based Free Practice Management, that is suitable for a variety of practice types. There are several key features, including annotations on patient records, online appointment booking, clinical notes, and live imaging.  
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  • Practice Management Software
    MediFusion is providing cloud-based Practice Management Software, which is designed for the medical and other clinical industries. With MediFusion Inventory, medical professionals and administrators can easily track valuable medical assets from the time of purchase to consumption, manage stock levels with par levels settings, and increase profit by analyzing meaningful data from...
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  • Free Medical Practice Management Software
    MediFusion is providing Free Medical Practice Management Software, which is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for physician practices of all sizes and specialties, including those associated with health systems as provider-based practices. The software boosts practices' operational efficiency and productivity by helping them manage schedules, collections, claims,...
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