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  • T12 steel
    Due to the high carbon content of T12 steel, there are more excess carbides after quenching. According to wear resistance and hardness, T12 steel is suitable for making tools that are not subject to impact load, low cutting speed and constant heat of cutting edge, such as turning tool, milling cutter and drill bit of lathe and planer; It can make reamer, reamer, tap, die, scraper, gauge,...
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  • T10 Steel
    T10 steel is a kind of carbon tool steel. Modern steel uses a combination of different steel metals to meet a variety of purposes. T10 steel, composed of simple iron and carbon, accounts for 90% of the output of T10 steel products. Low alloy high strength steel adds a small amount (usually < 2% (by weight)) of other elements, usually 1.5% manganese, to provide additional strength at a...
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