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  • What are managed hiring services?
    What are managed hiring services? Your employees will not work if your technology does not work. Many small businesses are hiring a dedicated IT employee, but this is not always a good answer. Managed service providers (MSPs) are becoming more and more popular with small businesses. Do you think outside of your IT jobs? Here is all you need to know about Managed Hiring Services.   What are...
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  • Best Wireless Network Certification of 2020
    Best Wireless Network Certification of 2020   CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Association Cisco offers some of the most recognized and recognized certifications in the industry. Offers wireless expertise for any Cisco network credential at the Associate (CCNA), Professional (CCNP Enterprise), and Expert (CCIE Wireless) levels.   Beginning February 24, 2020, Cisco released a new CCNA...
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  • What is endpoint security for business
    What is endpoint security for business Today, threats to your company's information security come in many forms, and advanced hackers constantly change their methods and exploit unpatched software or lax employees. Endpoints, in particular, can provide easy targets for botnet malware. Ransomware can withhold data or blackmail the owner, while spyware silently collects passwords. New advanced...
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  • Ransomware as a service
    Ransomware as a service The ransomware is too profitable to kill. Its brightness is that simple. And mobile device trends are making it easier than ever to curtail cyber activity.   As each passing day brings us a new victim of ransomware, we can clearly see that ransomware is here to stay and businesses and organizations should now invest in their brand, networks, and the protection of...
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  • Difference between on-site and off-site technical support
    Difference between on-site and off-site technical support   If you have problems with your systems or network, your IT service provider can offer technical support on-site or outside of the company. What is the difference between these two types of support? onsite support Off-site support Most managed IT service providers offer external support. This type of support offers both the...
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  • Computer networking salary
    Computer networking salary   Information on the salary and roles of a computer technician   To operate computers, the use of qualified professionals such as computer network technicians is required. These people are committed to understanding, maintaining and solving computer network problems. Technicians work directly with consumers, so they need safe communication and listening...
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