24 Jun 11:31 AM to 30 Jun 11:32 AM
I believe it is interesting that folks use this same debate like it has some merit when a match earning millions of dollars a year can not just do both or something? Just like Jagex hasn't done this? Like is it or something? I am confused. It does not have to be one or the other. They can do both. They can't do both in precisely the exact same time. Time spent making'HD' assets is time NOT spent on game upgrades. They have done it before but it turned out to be a MASSIVE undertaking with a bigger team that was quite divisive rather than valued by as many players as they'd hoped. I see no reason why they'd be interested in doing it.

Nothing crazy is required to get OSRS something more pleasing to look at, which I think 2008 graphics did. The best part is that you had the option. I think the main counter argument is that it means dev work, because I imagine some or all resources would need to be produced for the two types. Unless it can be done without any development time I think it might not pass a vote if it were done in a formal capacity. That said, I would personally love to be considering 2008 or similar HD graphics rather than what we've (enhanced by Runelite GPU ofc) now even though it meant delayed content releases. However, I know not everyone will share this opinion.

They'd done it previously, there are individuals that are using it rn, there are solo developers who have done plugins and such. It shouldn't be hard to implement. The whining mob not needing a change of the method of looking can be dealt with by A choice. I believe having improved graphics would be rather valuable, to attract new players. Consider the long term marketing plan, don't be restricted to the same thinking of no manpower bunch of updates. Man I remember running home from school because I had been excited by the RuneScape HD upgrade. If it had rshd too I would mainscape OSRS.

I am certain that 95% of those criers haven't even tried RS3, and don't even know why, it is free for them if they have memb on os, so why not try it lol. MTX hate and all just EoC and I get that it sucked. But it glossy now. And mtx sucks yes, however you can dismiss like 90 percent of it should you want to. All you really need out of it are bank boosters and additional action bars but that is about it. As runecoins could be bought with bonds and you can accomplish this without wasting a cent of irl money. There's a lot to understand with it all so it may be overwhelming but it does reward high focus and skill for sure.

Nowadays combat is really enjoyable and MTX could be ignored if needed. Like 2-4hours although not for 5 minutes. Its so much fun. Last time I played with the battle was just"set up your activity bar like this and it'll automatically do everything for you". If you would like to afk you have a possibility, but for outcome you want to use manual. I'm not saying it's. I'm only saying it is not much more engaging. Cause at the time so I was advised that was the way to perform. Atleast like 6 weeks. Plus it just got old. Hated the mtx that has gotten worse in what I hear. And idk I feel like Runescape has just gone in a downward spiral.
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