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  • Overview of mold technology
    Rotating mold manufacture, also known as rotomolding or rotational casting, is a method of creating solid, seamless products in various sizes and forms. Domestic tanks to industrial containers, tiny squeeze bulbs, and storage jars for highly corrosive compounds are among the molded goods. Covers and housings, water softening tanks and tote boxes; bay cribs, balls, doll parts; display figures;...
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  • Introduction to Rotomoulding in China
    We all know how important quality output and growth are in manufacturing processes in China. Rotomoulding is extremely beneficial when it comes to your business when you consider what the process can do for you. The rotomoulding process can benefit any China rotomould company, regardless of what it produces. What is rotomoulding? Why roto moulding can be a great choice? What are some of the...
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