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  • Reseller Hosting Plans
    All of our reseller hosting servers sit on public cloud providers such as Google, so IP lookups will simply show their ranges. We provide white-label nameservers as standard with all of our reseller hosting plans and also let you create custom nameservers free of charge.   You can also brand the control panel for your customers - add your logo, set the color scheme, and so on, so you...
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  • Free Web Hosting for Students
    You don't have to be a company tycoon to develop your own website these days. It's something that everybody can do. As part of a course or as a side project, a student may create a website for an online portfolio, a business, or both. The question is how to go about doing it.  Finding the best student web hosting is part of the challenge. The variety of options available may cause you a...
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  • Cloud Servers
    Virtual hosting servers, cloud servers run in a cloud computing environment and offer maximum data security to host websites. This latest breakthrough in tech helps in running websites with enhanced speed, high performance, hosting control, and privacy.  A perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking to expand virtual hosting and storage, Cloud servers offer great bandwidth at an...
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  • Cheap VPS Hosting Services
    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are strong yet economical website hosting choices. While there are numerous cheap VPS hosting services accessible, selecting the best one might be difficult. Fortunately, a few well-known and respectable providers provide low-cost VPS plans. In fact, VPS hosting services may be found for as little as a few dollars each month. 
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  • Free Web Hosting Providers
    With Windows, customizability is possible but might be expensive as you need to pay for the license. Again, this is not the right solution for those looking for free web hosting providers. Linux is a highly customizable solution. Many website builders, including WordPress and Joomla, that are compatible with both Windows and Linux, are more customization-friendly with Linux. Browse through our...
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  • What are the Different Types of Web Hosting
    Everyone starting a web project considers the forms of web hosting their organization requires as well as the top web hosting trends for 2022.     As a result, we've created this technical web hosting tutorial to make things as simple as possible.     What are the different types of web hosting We have discussed five different forms of hosting, as well as...
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  • Dedicated Server Hosting Providers
    You don't have to worry about sharing your resources with other websites when you use dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting providers give dedicated RAM, CPU, and, in some instances, unlimited monthly data transfers. The majority of the top-rated dedicated server hosting services offer 24-hour assistance. However, some companies solely engage web hosting professionals to provide...
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  • Reseller Hosting Packages
    Earn additional revenue and support your customers with easy-to-use reseller hosting packages and Plans.  If you want to offer shared cPanel hosting plans to customers with your own brand and price structure, choose a reseller hosting plan with a WHMCS license.   Some companies offer bulk licensing on unique cPanel logins at around $1 each or include a certain number for...
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  • Best Cloud Servers
      The Best Cloud Servers provides people looking for a web hosting provider(opens in new tab) with a sophisticated choice that makes use of cutting-edge cloud technology. Cloud hosting, which is provided by some of the best web hosting services, has changed the market by allowing content to be dispersed across an entire network rather than having a site rely on a single server. 
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  • Types of VPS Hosting
    There are different types of VPS hosting and each has its own pros and cons. I'm going to take you through the different types that I am aware of and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each in detail, with a special focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Then, at the end of this post, we'll look at another popular VPS hosting service, DigitalOcean. VPS hosting is one of the most popular types...
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