Microsoft has launched a personalized news feed called Microsoft Start, for Windows 11, on September 7, 2021. It can be accessed online and on iOS and Android. This brand-new news feed is strikingly similar to the existing MSN news feed and Microsoft News. These two news feeds are thereby being rebranded as Microsoft Start and will be included in the Windows 11 widgets division and Windows 10 taskbar.

Similar to Microsoft News, Microsoft Start will combine the news and media channels from over 1,000 publishers using AI technology tailored to users’ specific fields of interest. It will help Microsoft set its foot firm on the grounds among the existing rivals and competitors.  

With Microsoft Start, you will see top stories displaying on your screens, tailored news recommendations, and scores from your favorite sports category you are interested in, including the weather feed. It somehow makes up for the combination of Microsoft’s efforts in recent years with MSN, Microsoft News, and the taskbar widget in Windows 10.

To access Microsoft Start, a separate website has been launched. This website will be accessible from almost all the recent web browsers. The mobile versions of Microsoft news will now be called Microsoft Start. It will be available in the Windows 11 widget soon after the launch of Windows 11 next month. Furthermore, Microsoft Edge will also have an option to access Microsoft Start on its new tab page.

The initial glance of the Microsoft Start website appears to be similar to any other online portal that is available with a plethora of news articles sourced from various publishers. It also features widgets for weather, stocks, sports scores, and traffic. On clicking an article you will be led to the associated version hosted on Microsoft’s domain including the Microsoft Start top navigation bar. It also features a set of emojis similar to that in Facebook, the laughing emoji replaced with the thinking emoji, for the users to react to the stories they read.

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