Lost Ark finally has two new classes: Glaivier and Destroyer, and their release dates are much closer than we thought.

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Glaivier is the first new class since the game launched in the West at the beginning of the year. It has now been confirmed that Glaivier will be released on April 21. Surprisingly, instead of Lost Ark Gold releasing the originally announced Arcanist class this time, Glaivier was released. DPS players will be delighted to hear that, as Glaivier will be one of the highest damage classes in the game. With a ton of AOE skills and only brief downtime between skills, this high-damage class is bound to become a favorite among many players.

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Glaivier's release gave the game its best complement, but Destroyer's release was even more exciting, making everyone hype its news. The presence of this class brings proper tanks to the game and a better boost to the quality and health of the game, especially in raids. Because since the game was released, players have been hoping for a proper tank. To fix this, players are forced to use the Berserker as their makeshift tank during raids. But now, they'll have more proper meat shields that can tank bosses for days. Although no official release date has been announced yet, it is expected to be released at the end of May.

Glaivier and Destroyer are about to be released, and every player is very excited, because their presence will be more helpful for players to participate in raids. If you want to have powerful Glaivier and Destroyer, you need to accumulate enough Lost Ark Gold to build them from now on. MMOWTS sells massive discounts of Lost Ark Gold every day to help players get them faster. If you don't want to spend too much time in the game farming Lost Ark Gold, you can try MMOWTS. Just wait 15 minutes after you place an order to receive the goods.