Getting your business found on Google can be a daunting task. Online marketing strategies can be complex and sometimes feel like a minefield. An expert search engine optimisation company will ensure that your website has the best possible chance of being found on the first page. When it comes to online marketing, experience is crucial. SEO services provided by an experienced digital marketing agency can mean the difference between success and failure. By implementing SEO strategies and tactics, your business can reap the rewards.

When choosing an SEO agency, remember to consider several criteria. The first is the experience and knowledge of the team. Look through previous projects done by top SEO company Pianov Digital and interact with their clients to determine whether they are a good fit for your needs. Make sure to choose an agency that has similar experience to yours. This way, you will be able to feel confident in their abilities and will not have to worry about the latest updates.


If your website ranks high on Google, you are guaranteed to get more click-through traffic. The first position receives 18.2% of all click-through traffic. The second position receives just 2%. On-site optimisation involves reviewing the structure of your site and keywords and page titles. Then, off-site optimisation looks at how other sites link to your website, as well as making it user-friendly.

SEO is an ongoing strategy that will require consistent effort. To get the most value from SEO, choose a company that will act as an extension of your business. An SEO agency will work with you to refine your website's SEO strategy over time. It is essential that your online marketing agency be transparent and honest about their services and results. A dedicated account manager will identify additional keywords relevant to your company. Dedicated account managers will also find new content, blog posts, and other marketing tactics that will boost your website's rankings.