The most powerful and popular items, Legendary items, are back in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This time players no longer need the long and hard grind, just the easy-to-use Runecarver sculpting system to craft Legendary items.

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When the player reaches max level 60, they can unlock the Runecarver in Torghast in Tower of the Damned, and talk to him to choose craft a Legendary. For the cheapest TBC Classic Gold, click on MMOWTS. Players can collect Memory of the Runecarver recipes from Shadowlands content to unlock Legendary powers, which can then be used to customize Legendary items. And Legendary powers can change the rhythm and playstyle of your specialization, while also modifying your character. However, it should be noted that only two Legendary powers can be equipped at a time.

Players can obtain Memory of the Runecarver recipes through reputation, dungeons, raids, and even Torghast itself.

To unlock the Runecarver and craft the Legendary, players first need to open the Torghast introductory questline. Once you've selected Covenant, reached level 60, and completed the level-up activities, you will need to perform the quest to The Maw. There you will soon encounter the Runecarver, a huge WOW Classic TBC Gold imprisoned entity through which you will begin the process of crafting a Legendary. It should be noted that in order to craft Legendaries, you will first need to prepare a base item, a set of Missives, Soul Ash, and a Memory of the Runecarver.

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