The fact that it is a new measurement technology means that 3D laser scanning technology does not require physical contact with the object being measured to be effective. The collection of 3D data allows for the rapid reconstruction of the 3D model of a solid target and various data types such as line, surface, volume and space after the data has been collected. The data that has been collected has been collected with a high degree of precision and safety.

Clients believe that the following areas are where the benefits of 3D scanning to their business processes can be found:

3D scanning enables us to display the final product effect and simulate the scene application while in the early stages of the project, reducing communication costs and increasing the project's competitiveness.

3D laser scanning has been extremely difficult for construction workers to work with their imagination because the real structural form in previous construction drawings necessitates the use of their imagination, which has resulted in numerous difficulties for those in the construction industry. A significant amount of difficulty is reduced in the operation of the construction party due to the use of the visualization method, which allows 3D graphics to be displayed in front of employees and allows for various parameters to be adjusted in advance.

Reduce the overall duration of the project.
The modeling design, size determination, blanking, and production of hardbound architectural decoration items are all time-consuming processes that require a significant amount of effort and resources. It is impossible to make progress on the construction project if there is insufficient time for accurate typesetting and blanking, as well as for accurate measurement, prior to the start of construction.

Prior to construction, the rough villa can be 3D laser scanned, and the site conditions can be reverse modelled to create a point cloud model, which can then be used to develop a more detailed design based on the adjusted hardcover model. Using this method, you can accurately represent the actual size of the site and calculate the size requirements of the decorations that will be installed.

The benefits of design modifications in terms of coordination
The coordination of architectural ornamentation is the most important factor in the design process. A collaborative effort is being undertaken to achieve success by design firms, property owners, and construction companies.

The hardbound model is modified in accordance with the point cloud model, which serves as a model basis for the subsequent change feasibility study, which is carried out afterward. When a design change is implemented on site, it is possible to simulate its implementation in advance using a 3D model before it is implemented on site, thereby improving the overall quality and efficiency of the design change before it is implemented on site, as illustrated in the following example:

Keeping track of expenses using cost accounting is a convenient and accurate method of doing so.

Reasons to Redesign Your Business
After the digital model of handicrafts has been established and taken into consideration, among other things, aesthetics, the market, and other factors, the products can be redesigned. 3D Laser Scanning Services is anticipated that this design method will significantly reduce the design cycle time for handicrafts while also lowering the design cost.