The first thing one needs to do in figuring out how to attract hot women, is simply to study the men to whom these hot women are attracted to. And then simply mimic key elements to get the same results. This is how successful endeavors are accomplished all the time. The endeavor to attract hot women should be no different. kim kardashian ass

Let's look at the key elements that hot women are proven to be attracted to. Whether in public or viewing photos online, there is a very consistent thread to the male appearance in which the hot woman are seen intimately with and wrapped around.

1. The faux hawk.

The faux hawk has to do with hairstyle. The men that attractive women are seen with, will often times more than not, be sporting "the faux hawk". This is basically a fake mohawk. The mohawk has stood the test of time and has been very prevalent in punk rock, DIY culture. But the faux hawk on the other hand, is more of a recent trend and is much safer, albeit more ridiculous. The sides are only lightly shaved, and the top is forced towards the middle with the help of hair gel. For whatever reason, attractive women are drawn to the phony mohawk.

2. Stylish, Branded T-shirts.

The next step in attracting hot women, is to load up your wardrobe with very costly, trendy, branded t-shirts which have popular designer names splashed across the front. Some common one's that you see women in photo's attracted to say the words "Ed Hardy" or "Armani Exchange" across the front, and sometimes back. The verification influences pudding and this can be a revealed strategy to bring in incredibly hot gals with, though it is definitely uncertain why appeal exists when you are labeled by those labeling.

3. Tattoos, earrings, cross necklaces.

Actually a pretty important feature in direction of amazing selling point, are tattoos along with other "bling" elements particularly showy necklaces and earrings, though possibly even more of a small aid into your package deal. Now the tattoos need to be overly ridiculous. Tribal tattoos all over the arms and/or chest seem to work very well. A meaningful tattoo hidden away on your inner forearm will not work. A blaze of seemingly meaningless ink on the other hand, will do absolute wonders.

Now that you have created your character, learn how to physically and verbally attract hot women very, very easil