To complete the Hot Delivery Quest, players will encounter Abramyan Sarkisivicch Arshavir, commonly known by his clients and subordinates as Ragman, who held a key position in the ULTRA Mall, selling clothing and gear to customers.

In addition to selling his wares, Ragman also offers quests that will reward players with experience, EFT Roubles, and equipment, and Hot Delivery Quest is one of them, Ragman requires players to drop off at hidden delivery points as customers are afraid to approach hostile locations Deliver some merchandise.

How to unlock Hot Delivery Quest in EFT?

Once the player reaches level 29, the player must follow and complete the questline starting with the database quest to unlock the Ragman Hot Delivery Quest.

Hot Delivery Quest goals

   Stash BNTI Gzhel-K armor in specified place (2pcs)
    Stash Peltor ComTac 2 in specified place (2pcs)
    Stash 6B47 Ratnik-BSh Helmet in specified place (2pcs)

To start a hot delivery mission, the player must first obtain the item listed in the objective. Players can wear them when they finish Pissing Me off, or they can buy EFT Items from the online site, but these items will be taken out of inventory when they go down, so bring as much gear as you can.

Delivery of 6B47 Ratnik-BSh helmet

The drop-off point for the 6B47 helmet is also on the trash heap inside the Avokado store. Just follow the same steps on how to deliver the ComTac 2 and make sure to complete two drop offs for each helmet.

When dropping items inside the Avokado, keep an eye out for the scavengers roaming the halls, as the shop is almost empty, so you have no cover. Try facing the entrance or the side while keeping the wall behind to spot enemies early.

Delivery BNTI Gzhel-K Armor

The drop-off point for the BNTI Gzhel-K armor is on the west side of the ULTRA shopping center where the main entrance is located. Find the empty outdoor stage (red tarp roof) which is in front of the mall's blue exterior wall with the ULTRA logo on top.

There are several boxes on the ground near the front or sides of the stage. This is the drop-off point for the Gzhel-K armor. Press F to interact with the box and wait 30 seconds for the placement to complete. Do this twice for each armor.

Be aware that your scavs may be spotted from the upper levels of the mall, especially snipers; try to hide behind a pile of crates when you're done getting off to avoid detection.

Delivery of the Peltor ComTac 2

The drop-off point for the ComTac 2 is the Avokado store inside the ULTRA shopping mall. From the west entrance of the ULTRA shopping mall, walk inside the shopping center and east until you reach the Brutal store. From there, turn right and go straight through the hall. Once you reach the intersection at the end of the hall, you can see Avokado at the far end, opposite the Generic store on your left.

Walk into the Avokado store and walk towards the end of the store. Then you'll see a pile of junk where you can drop your ComTac 2. Press the F key to interact with the trash heap and wait 30 seconds for the discard to complete. Do this twice for the second ComTac 2.

Hot Delivery Quest Rewards

    20,300 XP
    55,000 rubles
        57,750 rubles Intelligence Center Level 1
        63,250 rubles, intelligence center level 2
    +0.04 Reputation with Lagman
    IOTV Gen4 Armor (full protection)
    Barter to unlock IOTV Gen4 Armor (Full Protection) at Ragman (Loyalty Level 4)

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