Importantly, as meat became the most common in the diet of recent hominins, it is possible that tryptophan deficiency was less common as it is found in higher amounts in many protein-based diets (Friedman, 2018).

This means that if

Psychedelics were initially used between hominis and ancient human species to “cure” 5-HT depletion, relying on paul stamets microdose protocol self-healing behaviors may not be so important as the diet of our ancestors gradually included seeds and nuts. a large amount of meat of large animals and fish.

Thus, while psychedelics may have entered into the evolution of hominin in their role as a “cure” for 5-HT elimination, by which a full “migration” in the social niche was completed (including the development of a diet supplement extended to large mammals) to import. their strength was enhanced by the additional flexible benefits of their culture and the use of symbolic.

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Although the lack of tryptophan was probably no longer a problem among hunter-gatherer communities or pre-agricultural / agricultural communities, the premium imposed on psychosocial and social activities by the socio-cognitive niche meant that there was still room for counterproductive 'effects on our list.

  • Psychedelic
  • Instrumentalization in the
  • Human Socio-Cognitive Niche

Entering a social niche

Involves mental growth, socialization, communication, and social learning. Figure 1 summarizes the mushroom on how these major aspects of the emerging human complexity were developed by random intellectual and occasional use of psychedelic instruments.

The model suggests that psilocybin would have enhanced the capacity for growing complex social networks and a range of cognitive skills that support the social niche, including creative, non-verbal and linguistic features, and hints.

These effects may facilitate

Common problem solving, collective search for food, traditional healing, general representation and metaphor (including mythology and identity formation), and educational processes (e.g., passing customs).

The following sections combine current understanding of the psychological niche with recent psychological research (especially controlled experimental studies in humans, both clinicians and healthy volunteers) to show how psychedelics could be used flexibly by our ancestors.

We focus on four related goals of psychedelic instrumentalization: stress management and The Gaia Voice of health problems; improved social interaction and interpersonal relationships; to promote integrated culture and religious activities; and improved group decision-making.

Depression Management and Treatment of Health Problems

Eating food is not a safe occupation; leads to serious deaths and diseases. Even paul stamets microdose protocol hunting, for example, is often dangerous, the attack of injured animals is very important (Klein, 1999).

Human ancestors suffered from infectious diseases (e.g., viruses, viruses, parasites) and social stress management put pressure on their time budget as group size increased (Gamble et al., 2014).