• Blockchains have millions of users worldwide. It is basically a crypto wallet where you can buy, sell, receive, send and hold the transactions. Moreover, earning interest and trade is also done. Each bitcoin wallet consists of alphanumeric addresses that start from 1 or 3. The system automatically generates a new address on every new transaction. Your address will be a long string of alphanumeric characters right below the QR code of the address.

    Steps to find your bitcoin wallet address

    Here are some basic steps to search your bitcoin wallet on blockchain: Tap on the request that is present on the upper toolbar of your wallet. Choose bitcoin from the drop-down menu. In the ‘receive to’ menu select the wallet where you want to receive bitcoins. Now copy the newly generated address and send it to the sender. Tap on the QR code so the sender scans your address directly. Options in blockchain Blockchain technology has two options one is custodial functions and another one is a non-custodial version. The custodial version allows you to use all facilities like buying, selling and swapping between crypto. In addition, you can earn up to 12 percent. Similarly in the non-custodial version, only you can access and control your crypto. To send transactions from your wallet you need to know the receiving address of the recipient or QR code. In order to make a request, you can share your QR code with the sender. By using btcofficialwallet.org or blockchain paper wallet you are supporting the crypto ecosystem. It provides you all features you wish for in a crypto wallet.


    You can also trace the transactions as transactions on bitcoins are pseudo-anonymous. But bitcoin never shares your identifiable information alone. Besides, note that both bitcoin and bitcoin cash is an irreversible method of payment so there is no chance to recover and reverse your transcription.