React is an open-source JavaScript library that is useful in building web application interfaces. React or rather ReactJS helps in building a stronger framework for its products by reusing components. There are two-parts in ReactJS – HTML code and HTML document. The user view layer or the User Interface (UI) is built using HTML code. The HTML page contains all of the components.

Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer, created React. React was made in the year 2011. However, React was initially used for Facebook. React library is helpful in developing websites and apps. Some of the major companies that have used React include Whatsapp and Instagram. Thus, React was released to the public in 2013.

Ecosystem of ReactJS

ReactJS is helpful not only in building extensive and swift applications but also in testing the products easily.


ECMAScript 6 is the next generation JavaScript and takes the language to the next level. It has helped Reactjs developers to utilize Object Oriented Programming by adding support for classes and class extensions.


Babel used to revamp the code which has been developed using ES6 to plain JavaScript. It propounds all the syntax that was combined to JavaScript with ES6 stipulation, multiline strings, including classes, and fat arrows.


Redux is a FLUX pattern that gives a simplex data flow and acts as a JavaScript container for the data. You can utilize Redux jointly with React or with any different view library.


Webpack is a module bundler used to clump the modules together much like the gulp and grunt workflow automation techniques. A bundle appends CSS styles, JavaScript, HTML, and almost any form of a file.

Webpack dev server

Webpack dev server is a node.js Express server to serve the bundle. it can be used to hastily establish an application. WDS build and deliver the files from the memory.

ReactJS Social Networking Solution

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