Creating landing and squeeze pages is really a common Web strategy used to prompt site visitors to perform a specific action such as register for a newsletter or obtain a product. These pages don't automatically lead to conversions though. The pages must first be discovered by the user, and the pages must be loaded with compelling text. Once the visitor lands on the page, this content must convince the visitor to act. While text can simply do this, you've another tool available: online video. ripsave

You can use video in many ways. First of all, use online video to help the visitor find the specified page. Like, if you would like users to download a trial version of a brand new program you've developed, use videos on-site as well as off to drive traffic to your free download page. Online video is a good medium for demonstrating the top features of this system, showing this system in action, and showing how this system can make life easier for the users. Consider video testimonials, onscreen chats with the application developers, an electronic spokesmodel, or a polished production touting the features and great things about the program.

These videos may be used on your site or off - or both - to drive traffic to your landing page. Like, you could use a virtual spokesperson to share the advantages of your new product and then point out the web link that users need certainly to click to be able to learn more and download the free trial. You could also post videos on YouTube and other external sites.

Since traffic is landing your landing page, you can put online video to work once again. In the end, not absolutely all traffic will arrive based on those videos. While the old saying goes, a picture speaks loader than words. So, put moving pictures to work for you! Videos allow your site's visitors to acquire a taste of whatever it's you're selling. In addition, videos make your site more personable. People like to get from others, and featuring people in your landing page's videos illustrates that the company is powered by real people.

When you will be featuring an on the web video in your landing page, be sure that the video comes with a clear call to action. This isn't the place for instructional videos; it's the place for marketing video. What do you want viewers to accomplish once they've watched the online video? Download a trial version of one's software? Fill out a survey? Register for a newsletter? Buy your product? Regardless of what you want the user to accomplish, you must prompt the viewer to accomplish it! This could be as simple as saying, "Download a trial offer version today" or "Make the most of our $20 discount by ordering before midnight."

Online video has changed into a powerful tool with many applications. Not only will it drive traffic to your landing pages, it can also enhance visitor continue rates.

How perhaps you have used online video in your squeeze pages? Share your ideas, thoughts, and successes with us!

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