OpenSea clone script is a Ready-made P2P NFT marketplace script that has all features and functionalities where anyone can launch a decentralized NFT marketplace platform like OpenSea.

Osiz is the Top-Ruling NFT Marketplace Development Company that offers OpenSea clone which helps to launch your NFT-based project and showcases all unique digital item such as arts, games, domain names, and even digital representation of any physical assets.

They also offer top-selling ready-to-launch NFT Marketplace Clone like Raible Clone, Foundation Clone, SuperRare Clone, etc.

White label OpenSea Clone Script

White Label OpenSea Clone Script is used to customize the design and features easily with uniquely to launch NFT Marketplace like OpenSea for the user. 

Features of OpenSea clone script:

  • Simplified Design Architecture
  • High Efficient categorizing
  • User Activity Tracking
  • Other NFT Tracking
  • Escrow Solution
  • Multiple API Integration
  • Multiple Wallet
  • Payment Gateway
  • Wallet Preference Specifications
  • Market offer Tracking


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