Packaging boxes are a dire requirement for every product supplier. Not only for brands but boxes are also used in homes for various purposes. These boxes are made of different materials that mainly include kraft, chipboard, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard materials. When it comes to highly protective boxes, custom corrugated boxes provide a better solution to the users.

What Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?


Corrugated cardboard sheets are structurally different from simple cardboard materials. In corrugated cardboard material, three layers of cardboard material are joined together; two flat layers and one zig-zag layer which is joined between the other two layers. The zig-zag or wavy layer is named 'flute'. The thickness of the flute matters a lot because if the corrugated sheet has a thicker flute, it will protect the box more effectively.


Corrugated cardboard boxes are strong enough to keep the item safe and sound. They are lightweight but are brawny to protect the products and keep them damage-free. They have great strength and therefore can carry heavier objects effectively.

Printed Boxes

Corrugated material is highly flexible for printing. Many businesses use printed boxes to communicate their brand values. Pizza boxes are a common example of corrugated printed boxes. These boxes contain useful information to draw the attention of the customers. For instance, a famous pizza brand would use these boxes to get recognized in no time.

You can include various details on these boxes to highlight your brand identity. Typically, any brand tends to include its name, logo, and slogan for printing. These details effectively represent a brand in the market. Moreover, people can remember a brand through its corporate identity printed on the product's encasement.

Gift Boxes

You can use corrugated material for custom gift boxes. As the material is flexible, you can design it into different shapes.

  • To design a box, you must know the dimensions of the product and then cut the material accordingly.
  • You can give whatever shape to the box. For instance, you can design them in square, rectangular, spherical, hexagonal, and many more shapes.
  • You can also use graphics to make your gift box alluring. Besides, using a simple corrugated box is also trendy, however, you may use other features along.

  • To increase the aesthetic appeal of the presentation, you can use a satin ribbon to bind the box. You may also use beads and stickers for further customization.
  • Brands use these boxes to influence customer behavior. However, people also get these boxes for homemade stuff as a gift for someone.

Shoe Boxes

Corrugated boxes are greatly used by shoe suppliers. As shoes carry considerable weight, they must be packed in a protective encasement. The interlocked layers of the corrugated sheet can protect the product from external pressure due to which the packed item remains safe. Not only protective, but these boxes are also highly durable. Due to having a long lifespan, the consumer can easily keep shoes in them as an effective keeper.

These boxes may be telescopic or book containers. Speaking of telescopic boxes, these shoeboxes have separate lids and containers. On the other hand, book boxes have their lids attached to one side of the container. Besides, these boxes are printed and can be customized boxes based on the brand's interest. Printing a brand logo is highly advantageous as it makes buyers know the brand's identity.

Shipment Boxes

When it comes to safe shipment, corrugated containers come on into play. One of the most common types of shipment packaging is mailer boxes. These boxes are structured in a way that they are highly potent to keep the integrity of the product. The thick flute of corrugated material functions as resistance against external calamities like pressure and temperature. You can ensure the safe delivery of the product from your store to the customer's home.

These boxes are easily manufactured in different sizes. Besides, you can customize them entirely to convey your brand message. For instance, you may use inserts to make the packaging evenly protective. Printing a brand name or logo is also of importance as these details differentiate you from your competitors. For binding, you may also use printed tapes having your brand identity. In this way, you will be seamlessly regarded as a professional supplier.

Storage Boxes

Large cartons are a basic need not only for brands but also for home use. These cartons are generally made of corrugated cardboard material. You can place various household stuff in these boxes irrespective of weight. This is because these boxes can strongly keep lighter as well as heavy objects. For instance, you can use corrugated containers to store off-season clothes. Besides, you may also use these boxes to place heavier objects such as glass items.

These boxes are also helpful in the transfer of house items. The user can easily place various items in a single large carton. They keep the product safe and damage-free. Product manufacturers also use these on a large scale to store their products in their warehouses.

Telescopic Boxes

These boxes are designed in a way that their lid is not attached to the base. These boxes are used for different product packagings such as shoes, mirrors, and electrical appliances. They are of different types such as:

  • Full telescopic boxes

In full telescopic containers, the lid covers the entire sides of the base. They are used for heavy products like rugs.

  • Half telescopic boxes

In these boxes, the lid covers some part of the sides of the base.

  • Partial telescopic boxes

Shoe boxes are a perfect example of partial telescopic boxes in which the lid covers almost 1 inch of the base.


Custom corrugated boxes are used for various purposes not only for product manufacturers but also for house use. The corrugated material is highly economical and offers great protection to heavier and insensitive products. You can easily design these boxes based on your requirement and product feasibility. Due to having a flexible nature, you can surely design them in the required size and shape.