Look for a Dazzling Aurora Thanks to a 'Cannibal' Blast From the Sun - CNET


A sunspot caused 17 solar flares on Monday.

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and multi-wave electrically charged particles This can create what are known as "northern lights" when they collide with our magnetic field. Our local stars literally erupted this week in raging flames.

has affected some radio communications And it might show quite a lot for sky watchers.The Sunspot AR2975 had a hyperactive reaction Monday, releasing 11 small C-class flames and six medium M-class flames. The flame travels from the Sun to Earth at the speed of light.

It arrives in just a few minutes to interfere with shortwave radios and other forms of communication. sailor and pilot especially in the South Atlantic Ocean and the polar regions. The disruption reported on Monday.

for the rest of us It is the coronal mass emission (CME) that is often accompanied by a flame that is worth looking for. The explosion of these charged particles took a few days to reach Earth. (if the explosion is directed towards us)