So what did I do? What can I do to unmute? I need help from anyone, do you have in Runescape any "Trial ticketing system"? Do I have to contact support directly? What can I do to start a quick chat to OSRS Gold tell someone what is someone asking about some thing?? ?

On the account page, there is not even one button design "Unmute, or anything like that. Iam 23 , which is a long time ago. As of in 2013 I was 20 years old . my age isn't the reason to disable my account. FYI: Following tutorials back in 2013, I've been to one city (where I was when i login in 2016) which is why i doubt that anybody hack my account. Also , i was using the life guide back then so i dont wirte in to chat anything.

If he is honest in his answer, then please respond or, if no idea, make the effort to provide him with an accurate answer, or you can not post at all. For NK17, the most commonly-asked question tends to be: If you were able to invest 28 million gold into an ability, making you wealthy for the duration period of you RuneScape career, everyone would do it and it would make this skill/method less lucrative. In this case, the more high level RuneCrafters and the more available as well as the lower price of Runes.

There are a few money-making strategies that have a tendency to last forever covering the ever-increasing demand of certain products, such as the gathering of raw materials, to taking out monsters with different strengths for rare drops, and finally, trading in the market, investing massive amounts of money for higher amounts of money.

Of these, collecting raw materials is the least expensive but will require constant work. This is a profitable option, but you're basically working to reap rewards. Killing things is dangerous and has a factor of loss involved, but it's usually a hell of a lot more profitable as opposed to Cheap RuneScape Gold obtaining raw materials. However, it may need personal expertise, understanding, high combat statistics and a group in certain situations.